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Aperturas: an utopian reading group

Aperturas is a Berlin-based reading group organized during the dark days of Berlin Winter ‘23-’24. Hosted by offline,  Aperturas is centered on utopian readings and speculative futures with the hope of overcoming the bleakness of the present moment.

We read 'Everything for Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052–2072' by M. E. O’Brien and Eman Abdelhadi. The novel imagines a not-so-remote future where capitalism collapsed and new social forms emerged. Organized as a collection of interviews with the people who made the revolution, Everything for Everyone offers a rejuvenating and pragmatic exercise in utopian imagination, outlining how ordinary people's efforts to survive in the face of crisis contain the seeds of a new world. The book touches on different points - ecology, economy, family, sex, and music - so it can be a perfect departure point for exploring more topics.

Aperturas is open to every participant’s input and not confined to books only - we can center the discussion on a movie, a record, or a videogame. Finally, we don’t want to share only thoughts and ideas but also food and care; so before every session, we will have a little cooking session to warm up the discussion. If you want to join the group, follow the Telegram group here!

- 21st November
- 4th December (postponed)
- 30th January