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✦ Open source and work-in-progress meditation on magic, society and technology

articles  2023

Drop #8 - Phantom in the Chain

A long foray into Pocong’s art, a pseudonoymous Indonesian blockchain artist exploring threads of history through digital archives and NFTs.

November 2023, DROPS

Drop #7 - A report on techgnostic phenomena

Simone Robutti offers an imaginative inquiry into tech lords’s magic and a call for action for articulating a low-magic, spellbook for tech workers. 

September 2023, DROPS

Drop #6 - Notes on post-colonial plants

Anna Fasolato reports from a raft on the Spree. 

September 2023, DROPS

Drop #5 - Notes on Bolaño

A collection of thoughts from Roberto Bolaño’s Between Parentheses. 

September 2023, DROPS

Drop #4 - Notes on game design

Afterthoughts on the game design process of Tech Collapse The Game.

August 2023, DROPS

Drop #3 - Notes on Technic and Magic

Disillusioned with the capitalist lifestyle, people seem to retreat to into magical thinking and technical solutionism.

Juliy 2023, DROPS

The Coal You Can’t See

The AI boom has a worring ecological cost. What kind of alternative models exists? 

July 2023, Giornale dell’Arte

Drop #2 - Notes on Yeezus

An homage to Kanye West’s Yeezus on its tenth anniversary. A sonic, lyrical, and cultural assault, rewiring musical and cultural perceptions.

June 2023, DROPS

Drop #1 - Notes on Corecore

End of times and TikTok? What happens to subcultural feelings in the algorithmic apocalypse? 

June 2023, DROPS

Voices from the Para-Real

The virtual world is one and the same with the physical one. In the realm of the Para-Real, autotuned crooners haunt our perceptions.

March 2023, NOT