>REINCANTAMENTO - Open source and work-in-progress meditation on magic and technology


✦ Open source and work-in-progress meditation on magic, society and technology

2x01, Artificial Intelligence
(11 - 10 - 20)

In the first episode of the new season of Speculum, we start from one of the most discussed topics in today's debate: artificial intelligence. A theme that intersects theory of mind, biology and computer science and that also involves a new way of making art.

2x02, Apocalypse and Utopia
with Dario Alì
(18 - 10 - 20)

What is the end of the world? The apocalypse of St. John has characterised the conception of the end of time in Western culture. An event awaited by every generation, the end of the world seems to be always near, but at the same time never to arrive. F. Kermode describes its historical character as "immanent". De Martino distinguishes the cultural component from the psychopathological one. Between prophecies and conspiracy theories, we will try to understand the meaning of the apocalypse and, above all, we will question ourselves on its possible alternative scenarios.

2x03, Re-enchanting the world
with Edoardo Camurri
(25 - 10 - 20)

Is it possible to find a magical, ineffable element in the world or do modern times prevent this? Was Max Weber right to associate a "disenchantment" of reality with technical and scientific progress? These are the questions the Speculum students are asking themselves this weekend, and they will try to find an answer to them with Edoardo Camurri.

2x04, Digital Baroque
with Valentina Tanni
(08 - 11 - 20)

In this episode we will discuss how the Internet has contributed to the birth of a new aesthetic, influencing the birth of a whole new kitsch taste. Can a meme be considered art? Can we say that we live in a period of digital baroque? What is the relationship between image and the world today? We discuss this with Valentina Tanni, author of Memestetica.

2x05, Performativity
with Rooy Charlie
(15 - 11 - 20)

What does performative mean?
J. Austin defines performative as a linguistic act that enables the speaker to do something, to 'do things with words'. Baptisms, weddings and other ceremonies are just some of the examples where formulas with an effect on reality are expressed. The notion of the performative has had implications for Gender Studies: as J. Butler says, gender identity is performative, it constructs through repeated acts itself and does not exist outside of its performativity. And what about art? What links art to performativity and what kind of art form is performance?
In this new episode of Speculum we talk about this and much more with Rooy Charlie, a performing artist and researcher.

2x06, The Marvelous Mind
with Emanuele Coccia
(29 - 11 - 20)

How does it feel to be a bat? And a plant? And then: can psychedelics lead to a political revolution? We move away from the human again to venture into the eerie of other minds. Guiding Marco Mattei, Alessandro Longo, Vincenzo Grasso and all of us: the philosopher Emanuele Coccia.

2x07, The Uncanny Mind
with Gianluca Didino
(06 - 12 - 20)

Marco Mattei, Alessandro Longo and Vincenzo Grasso investigate depressive realism. They will be guided by Gianluca Didino, author of "Essere senza casa", out for Minimum Fax!

2x08, Beyond the Law
with Angela Condello
(13 - 12 - 20)

What is the interface between law and violence? Is there a beyond of law? Can we rethink a disintermediated society? What is the thought of destitution? In this episode we deepen the discourse on Benjamin, trying to imagine a utopia also from the point of view of law. Angela Condello, professor of philosophy of law, discusses the topic with us..