REINCANTAMENTO - Open source and work-in-progress meditation on magic and technology


✦ Open source and work-in-progress meditation on magic and technology

articles 2021

Radical Visions. Cities as lifeforms

Lorenzo Casavecchia, architect and REINCANTAMENTO collaborator, introduces his graduate project exploring the speculative future of architecture.

December 2021, Speculum!

Neon Screams. History of the machines inside us

Trap, Drill, Dancehall. The future of music and the hybridisation of man and machine pass through these genres.

December 2021, Speculum!

Occupy Metaverse!

thoughts and questions in the first days of the post-Meta world. What lies in the future of social media?



second podcast Ecologia Queer, Maschiocene, Ecofemminismo.

November 2021, Speculum!

Faces under control. Proctoring software in university.

An analysis between politics and semiotics of proctoring sotware and their usage in European universities.

October 2021, Speculum!


Back to the future: DAO’s and Web 3 dreams

we take a look at the DAOs word to understand how they can help in building a better internet

October 2021, Singola


the first audio episode of our newsletter Speculum!, an oral article on conspiracies and the power of storytelling

October 2021, Speculum!

Magic and Autonomy

we return to Technic and Magic by Federico Campagna, for the release of the Italian translation

July 2021, Speculum!

REINCANTAMENTO Episode 11. Towards impossible objects

the story of a crypto-editorial experiment bringing partecipation into philosophy

May 2021, Medium

Glitch #2: Ethics - Let’s talk about Glitch Feminism

second part of a short-series about glitch as a concept. we talk about the work of Legacy Russell and her glitch feminism

May 2021, Lay0ut Magazine

Tech Collapse

will our technological infrastructure survive the climate collapse? which alternatives exist to survive?

May 2021, KABUL Magazine

Episode 10. NFT: beyond the hype, the ecosystem!

nft, pt.2 : internet money, cooperative guilds and green markets

April 2021, Medium


Glitch #1: Metaphysics – Intentionality and machinic anxiety

first part of a short-series about glitch as a concept. from Deleuze to Pokémon, everything is glitch

March 2021, Lay0ut Magazine

The NFT wave

a first exploration into the NFT realm as the world get to know these tokens

March 2021, KABUL Magazine

The madness of vision

drones and automatiche weapons analyzed through the eyes of Baroque

March 2021, NOT

Utopia, Alchemy, Post-Scarcity

a journey through the relics of alchemy in search of speculative optimism

January 2021, Speculum!